Wednesday, January 2, 2019

From an undead bride to New Japan's latest sensation: the Top 100 wrestlers of 2018 #75-51

You voted. I tallied and in the end over a hundred fifty individual talents received votes in our annual poll. We continue the list today with the second half of the bottom fifty of the list.

75. Su Yung

The Undead Bride has dominated throughout 2018 in Impact Wrestling. A unique talent with an amazing gimmick, she's got a ton of a future ahead of her if handled correctly. With great wrestling skills behind the gimmick, she's one of the brightest spots on the Impact croster.

74. The Miz

The Miz had perhaps the most lackluster year of his recent WWE career which is proof how hard the company botched his renewed feud with Daniel Bryan.

73. Mia Yim

If there's one talent in NXT I hope to see breakout in a major way next year, it is Mia Yim. The independent veteran has wrestled for pretty much every major company in the world now and it is finally time for her to shine on a much larger platform. Here's hoping she can get a ton of focus behind her in the new year.

72. Chainsaw King

71. Joeasa

70. Jay Lethal

69. Deonn Rusman

Of all the current crop of Black and Brave graduates, I'd be shocked to not see Rusman not get signed by someone this year. The Alaskan is a solid in ring worker who looks like a million bucks. Any promotion looking to increase their female fandom could do a lot worse than putting Deonn on their card.

68. Ruby Riott

67. Dalton Castle

Image credit: Photos by Manning.


One of the happiest moments of my 2018 was seeing WALTER live at Revolver's Tales from the Ring II. He's an amazing talent and I look forward to see what he adds to NXT and NXT UK.

65. Kento Miyahara

All Japan's ace is the one talent I still don't understand any American promotion not making a move on. He could really turn some heads on American shores.

64. Zachary Wentz

63. Shane Strickland

62. Rusev

Another victim of WWE's over-sized roster, Rusev deserves a bigger push than he's ever received. With another win of the United States title, he seems to be just on a repeating path in the midcard of Smackdown.

61. Jordynne Grace

60. Toni Storm

59. Mason Beck

The Midwest veteran has mastered the art of being a powerful angry talent. The fact he doesn't get more bookings is a shame to me as he should be a far bigger star on the Midwest indies than he is.

58. Shingo Takagi

57. Nikki Cross

56. Marko Stunt

55. Will Ospreay

54. Taiji Ishimori

53. "The Hawkeye" Steve Manders

Manders excites me because he's an Iowan talent that is willing to travel far to make the rounds and is a clear student of the game. He already seems to have full weekends and I expect him to travel farther afield and to bigger promotions in 2019.

52. Kyle O'Reilly

51. "Switchblade" Jay White

He debuted at Wrestle Kingdom and has made a name for himself ever since. He beat Omega, Tanahashi and Okada over the course of the year. As the new leader of the Bullet Club, he seems cemented as a top star going forward especially if the company should lose the services of The Elite in 2019.

Tons of great talent in that list. Which wrestler do you think was listed too low or too high? Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for the next round of wrestlers!

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