Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Top 100 Wrestlers of 2019 are coming! Get your votes in now!

For the last four years, the Wrestling Deep End has gathered votes from both fans and reviewers to build a list of the top talent of the year. We have built this list as all inclusive with no limitations based on gender, race or sexuality. And we're looking to continue that trend with the biggest vote ever for the 2020 edition of the top 100 wrestlers!

Here's how the process works:

  • You make a list of every wrestler you've enjoyed from the calendar year 2018. The list can be as short as twenty (20) talents or as long as one hundred (100). Your favorite wrestler is ranked first, going all the way down to one hundred.
  • Ranks should be based on entertainment factor inside the ring. It does not need to be rated on nebulous conceits of what makes a good or bad match, but all rating should be based on things that happen in front of the crowd at the venue.
  • The list covers all male, female and non-binary wrestlers.
  • Talent from any promotion in the world is eligible, as long as they wrestled in the calendar year 2019.
  • Tag teams must be separated. If you feel like a tag team is on equal footing for the year, you may lump them together. If you feel one talent has brought more to the team than the other, you may put any number of other talents between them. But all tag teams must be separated.
  • New rule for 2019: a limit of 25 talents per wrestling company is now in place. Independent talents without a major contract are excluded from this restriction. WWE, AEW, ROH, Impact, New Japan, and all other major Japanese wrestling companies must have this rule strictly adhered to. Any votes after the first 25 will be ignored per list. 
  • Commentary on talents you choose is greatly appreciated and will likely be featured on their vote page. (In the case of #11 through 100, it might often be the only text for each.) This is a chance to share why you think each talent deserves the position you've given them.
  • All votes should be sent to wwfmegs{at}yahoo.com or left as a comment on this post. 

The past winners of this list include a who's who of talent from the last five years:

  • 2015: Sasha Banks took the top prize from her amazing work in NXT.
  • 2016: The Broken Brilliance of Matt Hardy took the world by storm and showed that outside the WWE machine, superstars were still possible.
  • 2017: The first talent to ever compete at Wrestle Kingdom and Wrestlemania in the same year took the top prize, in a simply phenomenal win for AJ Styles.
  • 2018: It took The Man only a few months to transform herself into the top wrestler in WWE. Becky Lynch rose from barely hitting the Top 100 to being the greatest wrestler in the world. 

Just send in your lists between now and December 28th. The list will launch on December 31st and continue through the first week of January and appear at the new home of the Wrestling Deep End at Medium.

Monday, July 29, 2019

The Deep End finds a new home!

The Wrestling Deep End has made the move to Medium!

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