Thursday, December 13, 2018

It's that time of the year! Voting for the Year End Talent Countdown is now open!

For the last three years, The Wrestling Deep End has closed out the year with a countdown of the Top 10 wrestlers of the year as voted on by you, the incredible readers of this blog. This year we're expanding things though as we will officially build a Top 100 list of wrestlers! Only the Top 10 will get the detailed entries you see every year, but as part of the event, we will also run down numbers 100 to numbers 11, in order, with highlighted comments from you, the voters.

Here's how the process works: 

  • You make a list of every wrestler you've enjoyed from the calendar year 2018. The list can be as short as twenty (20) talents or as long as one hundred (100). Your favorite wrestler is ranked first, going all the way down to one hundred. 
  • Ranks should be based on entertainment factor inside the ring. It does not need to be rated on nebulous conceits of what makes a good or bad match, but all rating should be based on things that happen in front of the crowd at the venue. 
  • The list covers both male and female wrestlers.
  • Talent from any promotion in the world is eligible, as long as they wrestled in the calendar year 2018. 
  • Tag teams must be separated. If you feel like a tag team is on equal footing for the year, you may lump them together. If you feel one talent has brought more to the team than the other, you may put any number of other talents between them. But all tag teams must be separated. 
  • I encourage the support of local independents in the list. If your local indie features talent rarely seen elsewhere but that you consider top tier even if only in that indie, vote for them as such. If you want to eschew every major televised promotion in favor of smaller local companies or the affiliates or whatever, feel free. This list is as much about recognizing talented stars wherever they may come than solidifying the star power of the world's top stars in their top promotions. 
  • Commentary on talents you choose is greatly appreciated and will likely be featured on their vote page. (In the case of #11 through 100, it might often be the only text for each.) This is a chance to share why you think each talent deserves the position you've given them. 
  • All votes should be sent to wwfmegs{at} or left as a comment on this post. 
That looks like a lot of rules, but it's really not. Just send in your lists between now and Christmas Day. The list will launch just a few days later starting with #100 and counting all the way down to your pick for the best wrestler of 2018! 

I cannot wait to see your votes! 


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  2. 1. Becky Lynch
    2. Charlotte Flair
    3. Daniel Bryan
    4. Pete Dunne
    5. Ronda Rousey
    6. Tomassa Ciampa
    7. Johnny Gargano
    8. Aliastair Black
    9. Kevin Owens
    10. Cody Rhodes
    11. Seth Rollins
    13 Tyler Bate
    14. Jey Uso
    15 Jimmy Uso
    16. Cesaro
    17. Sheamus
    18. Matt Jackson
    19. Nick Jackson
    20. Marty Scrull
    21. Asuka
    22. Trent Seven
    23. Dash Wilder
    24. Scott Dawson
    25. Nick Aldis
    26. Adam Cole
    27. Rod Strong
    28. Kyle O'Reily
    29. Ricochet
    30. Velveteen Dream
    31. Kari Sane
    32. Chris Jericho
    33. Kenny Omega
    34. AJ Styles
    35. Sasha Banks
    36. Bayley
    37. Kofi Kingston
    38. Big E
    39. Xavier Woods
    40. Elias
    41. Bray Wyatt
    42. Jeff Hardy
    43. Andrade Alamas
    44. Rey Mysterio
    45. Randy Orton
    46. Nikki Cross
    47. Shayna Bazzler
    48. Roman Reigns
    49. Braun Strowman
    50. Mustapha Ali